The upcoming show is quickly approaching! I’m now just over four weeks out from the Midwest Battle of Champions bodybuilding show here in Indianapolis.   It honestly feels like just yesterday when I moved to Indianapolis. Leaving my entire life behind in Ohio and Making the Jump. It has now been 15 months since I

Making The Jump

This is an old article from 2017. Right after I made the move to Indianapolis. Leaving my entire life behind. Brand new house and all. Moving into a single bedroom in a college house because I believed in the vision of Iron Valley Barbell. The premise of this article is making the leap of faith.
Better sex. More muscle growth. More energy. Do I have your attention yet? Sex is often a topic that people are afraid to talk about in public or even on social media. But it plays a huge role in our lives. Especially when your sex drive is low or completely non existent. I’m extremely passionate

5 Tips to Losing Weight

Interested in losing weight?   In theory weight loss is very simple. Take in less energy (aka calories) than you’re burning. This is called energy balance.   Unfortunately in practice it’s a bit more complex. As we all know.   We live in a world where junk food is readily available to us at every
Are you interested in adding some more lean muscle mass to your body?   I mean, who isn’t? Nearly everyone is interested in packing on some extra quality size.   Most people have good intentions when it comes to building their body, but unfortunately they just don’t have the right tools to get where they
Ladies, lifting weights is NOT just for men anymore.   For years the gym was thought to be mainly for men. Most gyms prior to the early 2000’s were filled with bodybuilders & powerlifters. Predominantly males. Guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger in specific. Even normal everyday guys were rarely spotted in the gym. It wasn’t mainstream