Welcome to part THREE of the guide to putting on lean muscle mass & improving overall health. This will be the final segment in the series. Thanks again to everyone who has been following along !!   Today I wanna dive into what my training has looked like over the past year. It has changed
Welcome to part two of the guide to putting on lean muscle mass AND improving overall well being !! I’m looking forward to continuing to share the knowledge that i’ve learned over the past few years. Learning from my mistakes so that you guys don’t have to make the same ones that I made.  
Over the past ten months i’ve experienced more muscle growth & strength gains than I did the past THREE years prior to moving to Indianapolis. This is a result of proper nutrition, training, sleep & recovery.   In this article I want to share with you mistakes that lead to a lack of progress over

Client Spotlight: Scott

Meet Scott.   Scott just finished up a 16 week long prep which ended with a 1st place trophy at his FIRST bodybuilding competition this past Saturday. He took first place in his class & third overall in a competitive show. Couldn’t be more proud of his work !!   A little bit of background
thoughts on sleep blog

My Thoughts on Sleep

Zzzzzzzz.   Sleep. This has become a very touchy subject over the years.   How much do we need? How often do we need it?    In a world where being your own boss & entrepreneurship in general has become the cool thing to do, sleep deprivation has become very popular as well. We live
dealing with anxiety blog
Anxiety & depression are two things that i’m VERY familiar with.   The mind can be the most beautiful place ever known or it can be the most torturous hell you can ever imagine. I’ve experienced both ends of the spectrum very vividly.   I’ve dealt with mental issues throughout my entire life. As i’m